The Artwork of David Smira

The Artwork of David Smira

About the Artist

About the Artist

Born in 1941, David Smira spent his youth in Tel-Aviv, drawing and painting from the early age of seven. He received his formal education at Bat Yam Academy of the fine Arts. Upon graduation in 1965, he migrated to Canada. During the next few years, David spent his time traveling and exhibiting throughout Canada and the USA, where his style slowly evolved to an impressionistic-pointalistic concept which has been influenced by Van Gogh, Renoir, Cezanne and others of this school.

Having studied the classics of Realism, David Smira needed a broader opportunity to express his inner improvisational creative desires and found in his later paintings a vehicle of expression unsurpassed by many of his contemporaries. Working from a wide pallet David expresses the soft pastels of human emotions and colorful array of human tenderness that are the essence of man's beauty. His landscapes and portrayals of people's interactions with each other reflect an age of grace and poetry missed by many modern statements of Life.

David Smira has also perfected his talents to the delicate art of enameling and has created for us little jewels of color that give joy and happiness to all that see them.

David's works were displayed for 20 years at the "Lyon Art Gallery" on Geary Street in San Fransisco and for many years at his own "Renaissance Art Gallery" on Geary Street as well. Then he moved to Carmel, California where he again opened his own gallery naming it "Gallery Nouveau."

Recently back in the USA after exhibiting for two years in Israel, David Smira has moved his studio to Southern California where he is continuing to create his works of art including painting, enameling and sculpting.

David Smira's works were shown in the Bet-Emanuel Museum, Rant-Gann, Israel and are presently in private collections throughout the world.

Impressionism Gallery

Catch of the Day
oil on canvas   36" X 48"

Cubism Gallery

Abraham's Devotion to God Ⅰ
oil on canvas   20" X 24"

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